Who benefits from the Sport of Life programs?

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Benefits can be experienced in private sessions, weekly classes, workshops and courses.  Modalities used are Brain Gym® / Educational Kinesthetics and Rhythmic Movement (reflex integration programme). 
Who Individuals of all ages, searching for an easy-to-do and fun, yet powerful, process to create change.  The only 2 requirements -- a body and a brain!
Here are a examples of how some clients have benefited from a session (and their age!):
  * learning to ride a bike easily (4 & 5 years old)
  * improved balance, strength, and endurance (90 years old)
  * better posture (ages 15, 72)
  * free from anxiety (child to senior)
  * confidence in reading (6 - 9 year olds)
  * free from headaches, or chronic discomfort (mostly adults)
  * physical skills (6 months to 90 years)
  * taking tests comfortably (teens)