Shy pre-teen builds confidence

"Using a combination of Brain gym exercises, NLP techniques and Rhythmic Movement skills, Tanya has worked wonders with my 12 year old daughter. A very shy and quiet child, it was a battle to get her to enroll in any activities, be it sports or arts. She was also having a tough time at school coping with French. In the last few months, it’s been heart-warming to see my daughter come out of her shell. She is so much more confident, stands tall and is more forthcoming in talking about herself.


Tanya found ways to build her confidence by providing tips and techniques that my daughter could use in challenging situations. She also helped her with tips to learn a new language and become more confident in making presentations at school. A child who preferred being by herself, it is absolutely heart-warming when she asks, “Can I go to the park with my friends?” My daughter has also agreed to sign-up for various activities. What amazes me the most is Tanya’s intuitive capacity to connect with my child. It’s marvellous to watch my daughter’s complete trust in what Tanya can do for her."


S.M., mom