Mom of 2 young boys...

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"Tanya provides a warm inviting environment that allows everyone to be comfortable and to learning about themselves; it is through this process they become stronger individuals.  There are times I can’t make sense of what happens in that hour but the end result is always the same: my children walk away happy and amazed at how good they feel and how much more of a person they have become.  When 2 young boys want to go and visit Tanya on a sunny afternoon rather than ride their bikes and play hockey, you know there is something special that happens at Mouland Coaching.

If I was asked to describe what Tanya has done for us in a few words, it would be “remarkable and priceless”.  I offered to provide Tanya with references and this testimonial…this is something I rarely do but as a parent I wanted to encourage you as the reader to explore and possibly provide your child with a life changing experience. Our children are under a tremendous amount of stress and every little bit of help we can give them to navigate life and ensure success is a welcomed gift." 


- Lisa B